Leitaktion 1: Lernmobilität von Einzelpersonen
(Lernende und Bildungspersonal)

Projekte 2017

Energie training in Europe – Faepac 2016 for Students and Staff
Objectives: Improving professional skills and competences in the energy sector, having as a result a higher employability and improved career prospects. Developing new teaching methods, having as a result an improvement in the curricular training of learners.

TE.BE: Mobilità transnazionale per il settore del TErmale e del BEnessere
Coordinator: CONFAO – Consorzio Nazionale per la Formazione, l’Aggiornamento e l’Orientamento
The project intends to offer an opportunity to the students and graduates to obtain an educational and professional experience in foreign companies that operate in the tourism sector of spa and wellness.
Objectives: The participants involved will be able to carry out a training and professionalizing experience in international environments, which will enable them to equip themselves with a mix of interdisciplinary and interconnected skill.

EAT II: Empowering Agribusiness Training in Emilia 2
Coordinator: Comune di Correggio
Objectives: To respond to the competitiveness and internationalization needs of Italian enterprises and offers to young people tools for growing as individuals and facing the labor market with better perspectives and with a portfolio of validated skills and experiences in a clear, recognizable and readable way.

Projekte 2016

(in Partnerschaft mit italnet Marketing)

MechMob – Mechanical&Mechatronics Mobility
Objectives: Acquire and develop technical, professional, linguistic and intercultural skills in the fields mechanical and mechatronics. Encouraging the development of key competences for lifelong learning, as well as language and soft skills that will help the young students to face their future with greater determination and ability to succeed in a European labor market.

3DGoldSkills – European mobility to develop Skills and knowledges in Gold manufacturing sector
Coordinator: Consorzio Arezzo Innovazione
Objectives: improving the participants’ life and soft-skills, that will help them to be included in the labour market and hard skills, which could be useable in the GOLDSMITH field. In this way, the local businesses will be able to find, within the local labour market, trained and highly Europeanized young people, who will be able to support their business decisions of high strategic impact.

GreenS&Co – Green-Skills&Competences for a sustainable development
Coordinator: Istituto Istruzione Superiore Bandini
Objectives: Carry out mobility actions for young people in the field of Green economy. The planned activities are aimed at improving the participants’ life and soft-skills that will help them to be included in the labour market and hard skills related to their curriculum, which could be also useable across the green economy sector.

MOVET 2.0. – Mobility for Vocational and Educational Training 2.0.
Coordinator: Provincia di Reggio Emilia
Objectives: Develop life skills necessary to become fully-fledged European citizens and to enter the EU labour market. In particular ICT skills and potential of Web 2.0. To respond to the need of competitiveness and internationalization of the companies and offers to young people tools to grow as individuals and enter the labour market with better perspectives and a portfolio of validated skills and experiences clear, recognizable and readable in the contexts of education, training and work.

Move for Trade – Mobility in Vocational and Educational Training for the Development of Enterprises international competitiveness
Coordinator: Istituto Scaruffi Levi Tricolore
Objectives: Develop a training and professional experience in an international learning framework, that will give them the opportunity to equip with a mix of interdisciplinary and interconnected competences. Furthermore, the project foresees the experimentation of the German dual system (training activity to be developed both in class and inside the company), planning a professional competency learning process based on the combination of theory (school) and practice (apprenticeship).

Projekte 2015

YouLMob – Young Learners Mobility
Coordinator: Consorzio Arezzo Formazione ABACO
Objectives: Enable young people to experiment, to observe closely and from inside the world of work in an international context, both for training and counselling purposes in respect to their professional future.

Projekte 2014

Leonardo Da Vinci
POR OB. 2 F.S.E 2007-2013
Coordinator: Consorzio Arezzo Innovazione/Polilab
Objectives: Promote manufacturing industry innovation in an eco-sustainable key for students and entrepreneurs.