ERASMUS+ vocational education:

International work experience is becoming increasingly important in a globalized world of work. Staying abroad in vocational training is an excellent opportunity to acquire international professional skills.

ERASMUS + programs aim to improve professional, linguistic and social skills. The aim is for citizens to become fully aware of their European citizenship, its benefits as well as its rights and obligations.
The association has many years of experience in EU mobility projects, such as the former “Leonardo da Vinci” program and stays abroad in vocational education and training (Erasmus + KA1). Over 300 students and apprentices from all over Europe have already been able to spend time abroad in Leipzig.

As hosting and intermediary organisation
Thanks to our good knowledge of Germany and its culture, as well as the cooperation with institutions and companies, internships, exchanges and company visits can be carried out in Leipzig in many areas:
Architecture, Law, Administration and Accounting, Mechanics and Mechatronics, Schools and Kindergarten, Communications and Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Environment, Medicine, Graphic Design, Web and Print, Multimedia, 3D Graphics and AutoCAD, Software and IT, Business and Online Shops, logistics, social, museum and libraries, art, broadcast, hotel industry, tourism, gastronomy.

We offer:

– Accommodation in apartments, hotels, guesthouses or with host families
– Cultural excursions
– German language courses
– vocational internships
– Company visits
– Tutoring and monitoring of the participants
– Administration and logistics of the project

As sending organization
We enable trainees in Europe to gain new life and work experience. At the end of their stay, the trainees bring new perspectives, a strengthened sense of self and better problem-solving strategies at home.
More information about current ERASMUS + mobilities can be found under “Fields”

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ERASMUS+ Testimonials:

” … a month in Leipzig has opened many doors for me, taught me what working means … it has been an incredible experience. I have learned to grow up, to accept new cultures, to take an interest in the world. An unexpected gift. I could finally feel like a real European citizen.” (Luce, Italy)

“The city, the people and the experiences I have gained in a month will be the ones I miss most. The fantastic city with its museums, art and the streets with its many pubs full of people has become my home. If I could go there again tomorrow, I would do it immediately.” (Maya, Italy)

“For the first time in my life, I have dealt with a different culture and way of life, as well as real work. I could also improve my language and social skills. Leipzig has been a good choice: a large university town, but laid back where you can find everything you need.
I wish everyone such an experience!!”
(Alessia, Italy)