School trips

Schulhaus Europa e.V. organises educational trips to the city of Leipzig for schools of all levels. The stays are aimed both at improving the language and at getting to know a new culture.

Thanks to time and experience, we are able to understand and respond to the needs of the young participants, creating and offering programs that are both enjoyable and educational.

The city:

Leipzig is located in the north-west part of Saxony. It has been a distric city since 1165 and has a rich trade tradition, so much that the Leipzig Fair is one of the oldest in Europe. The city also has an ancient cultural and artistic tradition. The university, founded in 1409, is the second oldest in Germany and the musical tradition has its roots in the work of artists like Bach and Mendelssohn. Leipzig is historically important because here is where the Battle of the Nations, one of Napoleon’s decisive defeats, was fought in 1813.

What we offer:

  • Logisitc organization
  • Overnight stay with full or half board
  • Detailed programme according to the needs of the participating schools
  • Language courses
  • Work experience in German companies
  • Assistance throughout the period

Our proposals:

  1. Leipzig two weeks experience: work experience in a company and language training [Cost: € 1009,00/participant]
  2. Leipzig two weeks experience: work experience in a company [Cost: € 944,00/participant]
  3. Leipzig one week experience: German course and cultural training [Cost: € 663,00/participant]

Prices do not include insurance and travel costs.