EN_PATHY: Alternative Care Systems for Unaccompanied Migrant Minors

24 months: January 2020 – January 2022 

The number of unaccompanied minors (UM) in migration arriving in the EU has increased in a dramatic way in recent years putting national social and health systems and local/regional administrations under pressure and exposed gaps and shortcomings in the protection of children in migration. It is required to identify successful effective actions, methodologies or alternative care systems to administrative detention centres to those
UM reaching Europe.
The proposal tries to:
– Identify, share and transfer good practices on alternative care options to UM in 4 partner countries (ES, IT, NL, DE).
– Monitor the availability and accessibility of alternatives and methodologies to the administrative detention of UM.
The proposal looks for the answer to what happens to UM on arrival in Europe, what are those supporting services and care options provided to them and to achieve the following objectives:
– To foster the sharing of good practices among EU States on the protection of UM as there is a wealth of knowledge and good practices on the protection UM, alternative care systems which needs to be shared at EU level.
– To learn from country partners care systems to transfer it to other EU states:
o The Italian  “Tuscany Hosting Model” and how both social
and health systems collaborates to offer quality services to UM as well as
those care supporting healthy policies delivered to UM.
o The NL care system to UM (NIDOS Model) and how it fullfils the
guardianship task for unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers and its family-based careers system.
o The ES Care and Support system
o The DE family-based careers system with  their characteristics
and how these systems involve trained migrants of second generation in
the process of welcoming UM migrants.
Lasting 24 months, the proposal expects the following objectives, impact and actions:
– Exchange of best practices, training and support actions for the implementation and improvement of alternative care systems to UM among partner countries.
– Special attention to the Tuscany supporting model and the family-based acre Dutch model will be given.
– Deliver an e-learning course of 30 h on the Tuscany Model as an
alternative supporting care model to be transferred in other EU countries.
– Deliver 4 short-staff training event and a Blended Mobility of professionals in the 4 participating countries.
– Deliver a public-private Memorandum of Understanding model among partners countries and to create a permanent European Observatory to share and to spread those best practices and alternative care systems as an alternative to administrative detention canters to UM.
– Deliver a final Tool-kit (handbook) gathering all materials to guarantee
transferability and sustainability.

More information  https://enpathyproject.eu/